About Us

We Offer a complete range of color gem stones in all shapes & sizes from traditional & multi-faceted fancy design Since our advent in 1992, Rainbow Gems has been a truly united family business.

These invaluable years of experience in delivery of gemstones have made us excel, surpass and deliver high quality goods to our clients

We being a classic amalgamation of passion, commitment & strength has derived its competitive edge from its combination of exceptional traditions and contemporary corporate culture

Offering flexibility and commitment towards craftmanship, our world-class precision and innovation combined with attention to minute details has surely enabled us to make a mark worldwide

Our client expect the quality, flexibility, commitment, craftsmanship to detail and service thay have come to depend in with Rainbow. Through the years of experience using latest technology in producing wide range of high quality gem stone while minimizing the cost to the customers

Rainbow has created an out standing image for itself in Asia, Europe, Australia, Japan... Almost worldwide